Why is Group Disability Insurance Important?

  •   If employees are unable to work for a few weeks or for many months, it is critical for them to have short and/or long term disability insurance.

     Many employees depend on receiving their paychecks and will suffer hardship if they don’t. Offering short and long term disability insurance can make a huge difference for employees in case injury or illness causes them to miss work.

  • Short-Term Disability insurance offers income replacement for employees who are unable to work because of illness or a disabling injury

     Usually STD policies offer benefits up to 13 or 26 weeks. If an injury or illness continues, having a long-term disability policy is critical.

  • Long-Term Disability insurance offers income replacement for pregnancy, covered illness and injury. It’s important for your employees to receive paychecks in case they can’t work for an extended period of time.

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